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A man’s success depends on what he has received. For this reason, Mr. Joseph NDJIE, from his experience as a company manager and aware of the difficulties of young people in the professional world, has decided to build the man of a Cameroon on the path of emergence. The emergence will be made and lived with intelligent, bilingual, enterprising citizens who are adapted to the changes in information and communication technologies. From this vision was born “THE CREUSET OF KNOWLEDGE”. Already 7 years of experience, always excellence.
Establishment of nursery and primary education for the French-speaking and English-speaking sections since authorization n°033/J2/4817/AMINEDUB/SG/DSEPB of August 04, 2010.


Our Mission

  1. Promote self-confidence and personal development for each student.
  2. To enable all students to acquire knowledge and skills that enable them to learn throughout their lives and to take an active place in economic, social and cultural life.
  3. Prepare all students to be responsible citizens, capable of contributing to the development of a democratic, supportive, pluralistic and culturally sensitive society.
  4. Ensure that all students have equal opportunities for social emancipation


The best results and multiple supports no longer surprise people who follow the founder’s actions on a daily basis. Indeed, Founder Joseph NDJIE does not intend to stop on such a good path. Moreover, it has just subscribed to the Creuset du Savoir’s membership in a network of international schools (OIECEC) created by the Canadian. This system aims to make the Crucible of Knowledge an entrepreneurial school. All this because the Founder, a man of very good relationship, knew very early on how to manage a magnificent team:

  • Local and foreign partners offering incentives of all kinds
  • Dedicated and constantly retraining teachers
  • Experienced communicators to guide actions and ambitions
  • Pedagogical inspectors supervising teachers
  • Financial, legal and educational advisors.

We can affirm that in the Crucible of Knowledge, the Difference in supervision and education is the reference. Take it a step further and the welcome of the teachers is the guarantee that reassures a better education for your children. Incomparable quality framework and incomparable result. Our results in the competition are 70% and in the exam is 100%. Teachers who are regularly paid and on time are among the best treated in teaching:

  • Motivating and increasing salary every year
  • Payment of wages by the bank
  • Staff affiliated to the CNPS
  • Meritorious salary 12 months out of 12
  • 100% bonus granted for exams
  • Encouraging the best teachers every year

Teachers benefit on a permanent basis from training and retraining seminars. As for the excellent students, the first 2 of each class in each sequence benefit from the excursion and walk under the supervision of the best teachers, and the teachers, who are always well supervised, continue to show their gratitude to a founder who is very concerned about the well-being of his teachers and the quality of education.

The establishment in General

Spacious, clean and well-ventilated classrooms make teachers and students want to stay. We have chosen to equip our classrooms with tables for students with a 2-seater locker and individual chairs with a maximum of 50 students per class. This will allow the teacher to take care of each student individually by easily sneaking between the tables. The toilets, 8 in total clean and modern, are a testimony of a dream setting for a better development of learners.

The kindergarten, here the classrooms are equipped with beds and multiple games for the little ones we can mention the horse, swings, electric motorcycles, electric cars, the carousel and many other games to entertain the little ones as much as possible. The teachers gifted in the training of these young learners provide magnificent supervision.

A very dedicated APEE (Association of Parents and Teachers) for a better supervision of children. This association is represented by a very efficient office that is always available to intervene on behalf of parents.


A secure, peaceful and thought-provoking space.
Modern infrastructure: spacious and airy classrooms with reasonable staffing levels.
A staff of qualified and experienced teachers, retrained and supervised by pedagogical inspectors
Promotion of bilingualism in all classes
Scholarships, bonuses and excursion parties for the best students.
The sponsorship of studies for our best students by our sponsors.
Civil liability insurance for our students.
Moratoriums granted at the request of parents
Multimedia room with more than ten computers connected to the Internet network.
We offer students a fulfilling recreation through attraction tools
Free rehearsal classes for CM1 and CM2 students.


95%Success Story